Guys. No.
I just

Guys. No.
I just

"I wouldn’t necessarily mind people not knowing I’m gay, but I don’t like being thought of as straight — in the same way that I don’t mind people not knowing I’m a writer, but it would be awkward if they assumed I was an extreme skateboarder, because that’s so far removed from the reality of my life. But there is no blank slate where orientation is concerned; we are straight until proven otherwise. And if you’ve never seen how dramatically a conversation can be derailed by a casual admission of homosexuality, let me tell you, it gets awkward."


she just stood there doing this little dance until we got up


Do you ever start a series and the entire time you’re watching the first episode you have your eye on that one character?


That one.

I want him.

"Don’t bring up the past of a person who is trying to improve their future"
— (via kangalex)

"For most of history, Anonymous was a woman."
— Virginia Woolf (via indicio)

"if she mentions it more than once,
it’s bothering her."


can you imagine a ‘men of marvel (cinematic universe)’ swimsuit calendar though

  • waking up: haha fuck


some thoughts are so private that you only share them with a therapist or 17,000 people on the internet